Roof Maintenance

Jay's Roofing offers fully customizable roof maintenance and service plans designed to fit your needs.

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What is a Roof Maintenance Plan?

The Roof Maintenance Plan is regular schedule of inspections of the roof, that will highlight potential problems before they occur. These inspections are recommended annually or semi-annually depending on different indicators:

Location: Whether you're located in Orange County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County or San Bernardino County, if your building is located where it experiences harsh weather (desert, beach, mountains), it is advisable to have the roof inspected at a minimum of twice each year. This will ensure the roof is ready to sustain the winter months and afterward that any damage that may have occurred during the winter is corrected.

Condition and age of the roof: It is imperative to know the age and condition of the roof. If it is known to be older or in bad shape, it may be advisable to have the roof inspected bi-annually to prevent major damage. New roofs may not need to be examined more than once per year.

Interior assets: Depending on what is housed within in the structure, more frequent inspections may be desirable. Buildings that contain computer, medical, or pharmaceutical products, for example, may require more frequent inspections than structures with less sensitive contents.

Commercial roofing or residential roofing, we can tailor a maintenance plan to fit your needs call us to inspect and recommend what works for your situation.

After an inspection is performed, the owner will receive a report detailing the condition of the roof. The report will include repairs that need immediate attention to keep the building watertight and recommendations for future work to extend the life of the roof. Any areas of concern will be highlighted for review and discussion. A budgeting plan can be included if necessary to aid the planning.

Are You Protecting Your Assets?

Jay's Roofing can assist you in safeguarding your investment. By beginning a roof maintenance plan, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing you are proactively maintaining and controlling costs. Wouldn't it be nice being able to budget and target each year what the maintenance will mean to the bottom line? No more inconvenience to occupants, no more surprises or emergency funds taken from other areas to support a failing roof.

What Causes Roofs to Fail?

Without regular roof inspections a building owner is subjecting the building to numerous factors that could contribute to its destruction. A roof is often neglected due to the fact it cannot always be seen, and the roof problems are not noticed until it is too late. If even a small leak occurs, it can severely impact the inside of a building resulting in costly repairs. Damage that may occur from even the smallest leaks could result in: roof insulation failure, interior ceiling damage, wall and floor damage; damage to interior furnishings, fixtures and/or equipment, finished goods, inventory, as well as poor indoor air quality.

Common Contributors to Roof Failure:

- Poor design and installation
- Defective materials
- Destructive weather conditions
- Previous neglect
- Building movement
- Improvements / additions to the existing building
- Maintenance performed by other contractors (HVAC, Satellite, etc)
- Foot traffic, vandalism
- Rooftop contaminants
- Clogged drains and defective flashings
- Loss of felt or asphalt surfacing, gravel, and aluminum coating
- Felt erosion or loss of plies
- Membrane damage, such as punctures and cuts
- Membrane defects, including blisters, splits and ridges
- Flashings aging, splits, open laps, ratcheting and slippage
- Poorly sealed flashing terminations

Why Start a Maintenance Plan?

A Roof Maintenance Plan is important for maintaining your roof and to avoid costly emergency repairs while allowing you to control your annual maintenance budget and help plan future capital expenditures. We can help you develop a "Pro-Active roof program that saves you money in the long run, giving you a leak free roof during the rainy months and extending the service life of your roof. Why NOT start a maintenance plan?

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